Partnership and affiliate programs play a crucial role in the success and growth of live dealer online casinos. In this case study, we will explore the dynamics and benefits of partnership and affiliate programs, focusing on their significance in the live dealer online casino industry.

Background: Live dealer online casinos rely on partnerships and affiliate programs to expand their reach, attract new players, and increase brand awareness. These programs involve collaborations between casino operators and individuals or organisations who promote the casino’s services to their audiences.check more details here:


  1. Expand the customer base and increase brand visibility.
  2. Drive traffic to the live dealer online casino platform.
  3. Generate revenue through commission-based partnerships.

Methodology: Partnership and affiliate programs with live dealer online casinos encompass the following key aspects:

  1. Affiliate Recruitment: Live dealer online casinos actively seek partnerships with individuals or entities to promote their services to relevant audiences effectively. They recruit affiliates who have websites, blogs, social media channels, or other platforms where they can reach potential players.
  2. Customized Tracking Links: Aff affiliates are provided with customised tracking links upon joining the affiliate program. These links allow the casino to track the traffic generated by each affiliate and attribute any subsequent player sign-ups or conversions to their efforts.
  3. Commission Structure: Affiliates earn commissions based on the performance of their referred players. The commission structure typically involves revenue share or CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) models. Revenue share provides a percentage of the net revenue generated by referred players. At the same time, CPA offers a fixed commission for each player who meets specified criteria (such as making a qualifying deposit).
  4. Marketing Materials and Support: Live dealer online casinos support their affiliates by providing marketing materials, such as banners, text links, and promotional content. These materials help affiliates effectively promote the casino’s offerings to their audiences. Support may include dedicated affiliate managers who offer guidance, answer questions, and provide ongoing support.


Partnership and affiliate programs have proven to be effective strategies for live dealer online casinos:

  1. Increased Brand Exposure: Affiliate programs significantly increase brand exposure for live dealer online casinos. Affiliates promote the casino’s services to their audiences, reaching potential players who may not have otherwise discovered the platform.
  2. Targeted Traffic and Player Acquisition: Partnerships with affiliates generate targeted traffic to live dealer online casinos. Affiliates leverage their existing networks and platforms to attract players interested in live dealer casino games. This leads to a higher likelihood of player acquisition and conversions.
  3. Revenue Growth: Affiliate programs provide a revenue stream for the casino and the affiliates. As the number of referred players increases, the casino benefits from increased revenue, while affiliates earn commissions based on the performance of their referrals. This mutually beneficial arrangement contributes to sustainable revenue growth.
  4. Stronger Player Trust: Affiliates often have established trust and credibility with their audiences. When they endorse a live dealer online casino, it lends credibility to the platform and strengthens player trust. This can result in higher player retention rates and increased player loyalty.


Partnership and affiliate programs are essential to the live dealer online casino industry. By leveraging the reach and influence of affiliates, these programs contribute to increased brand exposure, targeted traffic, player acquisition, revenue growth, and stronger player trust. Live dealer online casinos that effectively implement and manage partnership and affiliate programs gain a competitive edge by expanding their customer base and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with affiliates.Check more details here on this site.

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